Investing Tutorials

Here is a compilation of my favorite YouTube channels that you can subscribe to if you’re looking for investing guides to grow your money:

SoundInvesting TV

This is a great channel for when you need an authoritative resource for investment education. SoundInvesting TV provides advice on where to invest your money, improving your asset allocation, and more.


Looking for some serious stuff about investing? Visit the Bloomberg channel on YouTube. This financial services company consists of more than 30% of the global financial data market. Stay on top of the market trends and updates by subscribing to this channel. Bloomberg also features personal finance-related topics on its Bloomberg: Your Money playlist.

Morning Star

If you’ve already mastered the basics of investing, then move up to the next level by following the Morning Star’s financial channel on YouTube. There, you can find in-depth insights on mutual funds, stocks, estate planning, and more.


With almost 300 videos, this YouTube channel is your go-to resource for anything financial—investing, career, savings, real estate, and retirement. A collaboration of and CBS news network, Moneywatch provides sound financial advice from experts so that you can be money smart just like them.


The video channel counterpart of a reputable Washington-based personal finance magazine, Kiplinger covers a variety of topics that include tax planning, IRA, financial must-dos for millennials, etc.

Money Talks News

Learning personal finance and strategies for growing your money is easier when you watch videos like those on Money Talks News.