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Portfolio Heat Mapper Tool

If you liked the Permanent Portfolio Heat Map, then you’ll like what Tyler (the guy who made them) has put up: Portfolio Charts Tyler lists out several other portfolios as such as The Permanent Portfolio, Total Stock Market, 60/40 Bogleheads, Larry Swedroe Fat Rails, Rick Ferri Core Four, and David Swensen’s Yale-style strategies. Thanks to Tyler for this cool visual resource.  

Heat Map Chart of Permanent Portfolio vs. Stocks and Bonds

Tyler over on the Permanent Portfolio Forum used his Excel magic to answer the question about Permanent Portfolio returns vs. other strategies over rolling time frames: What this chart shows is a comparison to 100% stocks and a 60/40 split of stocks and bonds. The chart reads with the starting year, and then you can look forward for various periods. For 2005 for instance, you can look all way to 2015 by going forward 10 years if you invested over that time. We...

Permanent Portfolio Returns 2014

The Permanent Portfolio return for 2014 was +9.1% according to Morningstar’s data. This year saw a lot of volatility in the stock and gold markets, but the bonds came in to keep everything under control and lock in solid gains. Let’s discuss the results. Permanent Portfolio Returns 2014 Breakdown Here is the breakdown of the popular asset classes according to Morningstar. Just like the years before, these are to the nearest tenth and may not reflect all year-end dividends yet. So, these numbers may go up (or down) as...