Crawling Road

Employer Accountability for Illegal Immigration Act

America’s immigration system (both legal and illegal) is a disaster and will destroy the country eventually. The current system imports poverty and crime at the expense of those living here.  It also depresses wages of Americans who need to compete against workers flooding the market. The only way to control the problem being created is with a draconian politically correct police state sitting on top of the whole pressure cooker. In terms of illegal immigration (I’ll discuss how legal immigration is just...

Portfolio Heat Mapper Tool

If you liked the Permanent Portfolio Heat Map, then you’ll like what Tyler (the guy who made them) has put up: Portfolio Charts Tyler lists out several other portfolios as such as The Permanent Portfolio, Total Stock Market, 60/40 Bogleheads, Larry Swedroe Fat Rails, Rick Ferri Core Four, and David Swensen’s Yale-style strategies. Thanks to Tyler for this cool visual resource.  

Rand Paul (and most Libertarians) are Clueless on Immigration

Sadly, any hope for Rand Paul as presidential material continues to diminish. He clearly does not understand the issue of modern mass immigration into America. He is not worth voting for or supporting until he gets his head screwed on straight about this all-encompassing and vital issue. He certainly will never win over conservative voters (and increasingly disillusioned left) by supporting mass immigration. Rand Paul’s weak position on immigration realities shows that he just simply doesn’t have a clue. Prima facie evidence...