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The Harry Browne Investment Show Archives

This area contains all of Harry Browne’s originally archived investment radio shows. Gaps in the dates are shows that are missing or were perhaps repeated from the previous week when Harry Browne was not available.

Please enjoy browsing the directory of shows. It’s best to listen to them in chronological order and they are all very much worth your time:

Harry Browne Investment Show Archive Mirror

There is also a complete compressed archive of them here:

Harry Browne Investment Show Compressed Archive

These shows have been mirrored by permission from Pamela Browne, Harry Browne’s widow. The original area where these shows are located is here:

Original Harry Browne Investment Show Archives

About The Investment Radio Show

From 2004-2005 Harry Browne had a once a week radio show where he went over his investment philosophy and strategy called the “Permanent Portfolio”. In addition to explaining why he used his strategy, he also discussed many other areas relating to finance and free-market economics. During the end of the show cycle, Harry Browne had his long time colleague and publisher, John Chandler, join him on the air.

These shows are full of timeless advice but make little reference to the market happenings of the day. As a result, the information in them is just as valid now as when they were first recorded. Most importantly, Harry Browne had a strong grasp of economic history and understood that uncertainty in the markets is the norm, not the exception, so you better have an investment strategy to deal with it.

If you want a portfolio allocation strategy that is simple and secure then I encourage you to read more about the Permanent Portfolio here:

Topics Covering the Permanent Portfolio Strategy

IMPORTANT NOTE: I host Harry Browne’s investment shows as they have a lot of solid investment advice. However, this does not mean I support everything he said politically. In particular, his Libertarian open borders immigration position is completely wrong and I do not support it in the slightest. Open borders and mass immigration is bad for America and bad for all Western countries and should be stopped. I’m not here to debate this point. This is my own conclusion based on real-world experience and exposure. 

I respect much of what Harry Browne had to say, but I am not Harry Browne and disagree with him on some significant issues. His political views do not necessarily reflect what I believe. 

11 Responses

  1. Marc Veeneman says:

    Don’t you think it’s time to remove the mistaken exception (for other than your home) from Rule #7. The basic rule, don’t use leverage, certainly applies to home mortgages as well as any other investment. The past several years of foreclosures and declining real estate prices provides ample proof that this exception was a mistake.

    Leverage always increases risk and is useful only for speculation, certainly not for something as important as your home.

  2. craigr says:

    I actually agree with Browne to a certain degree. Using a mortgage to buy a home is usually the only way most people can afford to buy a house (especially when they are young) and is usually a low risk option if used reasonably.

    Mortgages are not a problem if someone has good credit, is responsible, and has a sensible outlook to what they can afford. The problem over the past many years is that people were using their homes as “investments” instead of what they really are: consumption goods.

    With that said, I don’t like debt and think if one has an option to pay off their mortgage they should.

  3. Myles Uyema says:

    Just purchased the Kindle version of Fail-Safe Investing, and it turns out it is the 1999 copy! Boo Amazon Boo.

  4. craigr says:


    The books are largely identical. The main difference is he suggested using the S&P 500 index in the later book instead of actively managed funds. But the core advice is the same. Today I recommend using a total stock market fund over the S&P 500 even.

  5. Randy says:

    I always enjoyed the Harry Browne show. And I agree with him that mortgages are the only way to buy a home. It’s too bad that the finance companies ruined so many people by giving unrealistic mortgages to unqualified people

  6. Reub says:

    Is there any way that Mr. Brown’s podcasts could be rated by the
    listeners here so that someone could listen to the most popular shows
    first? Thanks!

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