iOS7 Sucks

I just did the iOS7 upgrade on my iPad and it looks like crap. Steve Jobs would be throwing people off of the roof of Apple corporate HQ if he saw what was going on.

Reasons iOS7 sucks:

1) The new look is cheesy and appears incomplete. It looks like an early version of a Java GUI  to me. Maybe early X Windows at best.

X Windows or iOS7? I can't tell the difference any more.

The new iOS7 GUI. So modern and flat! (source: Wikipedia)

2) It’s not shaded with nice colors or gradients. It hurts my eyes looking at how bright it is. The icons look like a grade schooler made them.

3) The 3D look and textures that some wanted to move away from is what Apple was known for doing. The buzzword is skeuomorphism and relates to a computer interface having properties of physical world things around us. I get it that there isn’t a need to emulate everything about a physical device on a computer. For instance, I generally don’t like turning fake “knobs” on an interface. But that doesn’t mean the entire concept is bad. It’s only bad when it is done beyond practical for a computing platform. Steve Jobs started using 3D texture and looks since NeXTSTEP days over 20 years ago. Why is it now so passé?  Strange how a concept that some are saying is no good could lead a company to dominate the market. It wasn’t broke, so why fix it?

NeXTStep GUI from days gone by. What was wrong with the 3D look?

Steve Job’s NeXTSTEP GUI. What was wrong with the 3D look? This is what OS X became and turned Apple around. (source: Wikipedia)

4) The keyboard looks like flat white garbage.

5) The browser icons are lame line drawings. It looks like a prototype. A bad prototype. Did an early mock-up release get into the code tree by mistake?

6) It has big colored flat boxes for deleting e-mail, etc. It looks like badly rendered HTML and very unrefined. I feel like I was back in 1997 when using it. What exactly was wrong with a nicely rounded and textured button for these tasks that it used to have?

7) They reduced the GUI to  Android or Microsoft Surface look and feel. And since I’m convinced the Android GUI was designed in the former Soviet Union, that’s not a good direction. The differentiation is vanishing between the products now. If they all look the same and have largely the same function, why not just switch to the cheaper platform?

I could go on, but you get the idea. Whatever new features they put in here are totally wasted on the hideous look of the thing. My fear at this point is they will do the same thing to their main computer GUI on OS X. I wish I could undo the update, but I’m afraid I’m in for the ride at this point.

Stay away from iOS7 as long as you are able.

Craig Rowland

I own the place.

  • http://N/A Mark

    I agree 100%. This is a hideous 3rd graders nightmare . “Mommy, I had a bad dream and drew it on daddy’s iPhone!” But for real disappointment there’s my daughter who got her first ever iDevice two weeks ago and upgraded to this disappointment on the advice she got at the Apple store yesterday (she won’t be back). AND! if you think these god forsaken graphics look bad on the phone you should see them on an iPad.

  • Kessaria

    Oh gosh.. I just updated my ipad and It suck so freakin bad. How do you undo the updating thinggy!?

  • Craig Rowland

    At this point reversing the update is not going to be possible in all likelihood. Also apps are being updated to require ios7 as well. So pretty much it is here to stay. Let’s hope they take care of some of the issues in the next update.