Harry Browne’s Books – Re-Issued in Kindle Format

My apologies for not blogging about this much sooner, but it fell off my radar and I was recently reminded.

Many of Harry Browne’s books have been re-issued in electronic format for the Kindle and other e-readers. Now you can read his timeless writings in a modern format you keep in your back pocket!

Fail-Safe Investing – A finely written simple guide to the Permanent Portfolio.

How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation – The book that launched Harry Browne’s career in investing writing. Contains a great overview of how modern monetary systems work.

You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis – A follow-up book exploring more about the problems of the dollar in the 1970s and ways to profit/protect yourself.

New Profits from the Monetary Crisis – Continuations of the theme during the 1970s high inflation.

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World – Harry Browne’s classic book on organizing your life and thinking to live more freely.

These books are all full of great and timeless information. I still also like Harry Browne’s book Why the Best-Laid Investment Plans Usually Go Wrong, which is not in e-book format (yet), but contains a ton of great insights into investor errors. It also presented the simplified version of the Permanent Portfolio that gave us the 25% allocation split still in use today.

Check them out…






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