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Permanent Portfolio Book

The Permanent Portfolio: Harry Browne’s Long-Term Investment Strategy Book

The new Permanent Portfolio book is scheduled for the first week of October and we’re very excited to be presenting this information. This portfolio has a track record of performance and safety. Since the early 1970s it has returned between 9-10% compound annual growth with the worst losing year around -5% in 1981:

Permanent Portfolio Performance

If you are looking for performance, stability and safety with your life savings, the Permanent Portfolio is a powerful tool. Some of the topics we’re going to cover in this totally updated work include:

What is the Permanent Portfolio?

We go over the background, ideas and philosophies of Harry Browne and the Permanent Portfolio concept in detail. We explain the basics behind his approach, the revolutionary ideas of economic diversification he advocated, and other important details about the strategy.

Simple, Safe and Stable Diversification

We discuss why a simple, safe and stable portfolio is critical to investor success. We also show how a simple, safe and stable portfolio can easily match a portfolio that is much riskier over time with far less chance of catastrophic loss.

Real Returns

We cover the importance of real after-inflation returns and how the Permanent Portfolio can give them to you.


We tell you how to own stocks and how to avoid common pitfalls in the investing world. We’ll also discuss how to work with less than ideal stock funds if that’s all you have access to.


We cover what bonds to own (US Treasury bonds), why you only want those kinds of bonds and what kinds of bonds to absolutely avoid. We’ll also discuss how to hold these bonds in your account for maximum safety.


Just like bonds, we’ll discuss why you only want to own US Treasury T-bills for your cash and how to do it with maximum safety.


This in-depth chapter on gold will give an investor the details on various ways to obtain gold exposure in their portfolio and what ways to absolutely avoid. We cover everything from modern day gold funds, to gold bullion and new banking options that will allow you to easily have allocated secure gold storage both domestically and overseas with low expenses and high safety.

Geographic Diversification with Overseas Gold Storage

This is an extensively researched and approachable chapter on this subject. We boil down this subject into some very simple ways to achieve true geographic diversification. By true geographic diversification we don’t mean an ETF or electronic gold service that stores gold in Switzerland (although we touch on that briefly). Rather, we mean true secure allocated gold storage in safe recognizable institutions that are fully insured, fully audited, fully transparent and in places where you can actually drink the water.

We present options that are safe to do, easy to setup and will work with investors who only have funds to buy a single gold coin up to unlimited amounts of gold bullion. It was important for us to present options for all investors and we have done exactly that. Also it was important to us to have these options be inexpensive and we have done that, too. In fact, even the most expensive option is still 30% less than what the average mutual fund charges annually in typical expense ratios!

Now our readers will have affordable and safe options available to implement this critical piece of the Permanent Portfolio with minimal hassle and expense. If you ever wanted to implement geographic diversification but didn’t know how, this chapter will tell you in detail without anything complex or risky.

Tax Management

We will cover tax management issues relating to the portfolio and strategies you can use to maximize your after-tax profits.

Implementing the Permanent Portfolio for International Investors

If you live outside the US, you will find ideas in here to implement the portfolio where you live with locally available investment products in places like Canada, Europe, Australia and other regions.

Much More!

Even if you are not implementing the Permanent Portfolio, this book has information you can use to be a better and more intelligent investor. All investors will pick up something useful they can use.

Subscribe and Order

You can subscribe to the announcement list here to receive updates about the book when it ships the first week of October 2012:

Permanent Portfolio Book Announcement List

The book is available directly from Wiley at this link:

The Permanent Portfolio: Harry Browne’s Long-Term Investment Strategy

Also it is available from and other major online retailers (eBook versions will be available when it ships):

The Permanent Portfolio: Harry Browne’s Long-Term Investment Strategy

The book will also be available from other outlets as well.

We are very excited about the book and the information it contains. Thanks for your support!


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